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Hello, welcome in my blog! I am Ilaria Mazza and I am a passionate about the world of DIY and Crafts.

How did this passion begin? I’ll explain it right away!

Have you ever been in a situation where, just for a moment, do you need a relief valve from the daily routine? To me, very often, especially during my academic studies in Civil Engineering. At that time, stressed and exploited by the difficulty of exams, it has become more and more in me a sort of desire to escape from the routine (wake up early, go to the courses, go home and study, so for the whole week! ).

One day I accidentally entered a beautiful hobby shop near a house: a colorful shop filled with cards, cardboard, napkins and those that at that time seemed to me to be really strange instruments (pliers, glitter, all kinds of slips, etc.) …). I was immediately struck (and sank I would!) from all this world so far away from my, so alive and imaginative. It was love at first sight and the beginning of my story.

I started experimenting with the creation of small jewelery (most of the earrings): I felt that I had a lot of fun, stimulated me, and I went further and wanted to create objects in a thousand different ways. Not content with this, I decided to learn other techniques like decoupage (my first love!), scrapbooking and resin use.

Driven by my companion and my friends, I’ve decided to launch my tutorial on the web: on the tip of my feet and with a lot of shyness (a feature that still belongs to me) I came into the huge world of YouTube, opening the Sephila Creations channel, with the will and the desire to share what they learned about the DIY world.


The typical questions that are directed to me by any person (woman or man, adult or teenager) are more or less like: “But I’m not capable!”, “How is this done?”, “It takes time and money to do this project, I will never do it! “

As a famous proverb says, “No one is born learned.” And that’s right. Do you think I first knew where to start from? Absolutely not, but what has pushed me to go on is the desire to learn to do better, to know new techniques and to face new challenges every day. With this blog and my tutorials I want to make you do, try and get involved: thanks to my tutorials I will show you how to decorate a box, make a pair of earrings or home decoration, in a simple way everyone’s reach.

The tutorials you will find are subdivided into categories that I list below:

  • Decoupage, ideas and projects related to the decoration of objects (boxes, albums, plates, trays, etc …) with this beautiful technique;
  • Polyer Clay, ideas and projects related to the use of modelable items (such as fimo or das) to create realistic miniatures or special effects and jewels;
  • Jewelery, ideas and projects related to the realization of jewelery starting from simple materials such as pearls, beads and threads;
  • Resin, ideas and projects related to the multiple uses of casting resins and not;
  • Other techniques, ideas and projects with special techniques (felt&creative sewing);
  • Festivals, ideas and projects related to Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Halloween;
  • Guides, helpful to the correct use of the techniques handled and used in this blog.


You just have to start: “Want is power.” Do not forget it!

Before you start practicing my ideas and projects, I suggest you read the various guides useful to know the different techniques I propose on this blog: it’s a constantly evolving blog section as they are always looking for and discovering new things!

Read all the comments and feedbacks of different people who practice my advice, test and recreate what I propose: you will see that even those with early weapons can do great things.

To stay up-to-date on what I create daily, I suggest you follow me on various social issues like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Finally, for any doubt, problem or idea you will not have trouble writing me by filling in the form below: I always try to be available for every need!

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